■ Welcome to the world of Samurai: A unique Katana experience!

Welcome to the world of Samurai: A unique Katana experience!


Time required:60min


Minimum number of people:2


12 years old or older:3000yen

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Welcome to the world of Samurai: A unique Katana experience!

time required: 60mincapacity:6 [Minimum number of people:2 ]

time required: 60min

capacity:6人 [Minimum number of people:2 ]

You can experience the world of Bushido that influences the morals of Japanese people through the Katana sword!

Experience the world of Samurai through Katana sword. The first step is to calm your mind and bring it into sharp focus. This will be completed by doing calligraphy and writing your name. You will learn the differences between imitation swords and the real thing. There are two types of imitations; the art sword and the practice sword. The history of Katana swords - the differences in katana sword that are used in different times Let's really understand the Katana by holding it! Feel the weight in your hands and connect to the power. You'll learn how to hold, swing and move the Katana to transport yourself into the age of Samurai. Feel the fear when you have katana pointed right at you. (the angle and distance makes you feel differently)

Experience Schedule

start time: 13:30

Important information

About clothes:
Comfortable clothes
The meeting place:
Matsue Castle

Price per person

■12 years old or older:

An interpreter can be arranged for an additional cost.

April to October: Every Monday (except the first Monday). This activity could be unavailable in the case of some local cultural events .



Matsue Wakmusyatai Horikawa Chachamaru

Chachamaru will teach you all about Samurai and the Katana sword at the martial art's hall in Matsue Castle.

He has learnt the traditional martial art form Iaido that has been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times. You get the chance to immerse yourself in this masterful technique with expert guidance.(Iaido is a kind of martial art that was developed from the battojutsu (technique of drawing a sword) called Iai.) Learn about the history and structure of Katana and feel a real sword, to connect with the Samurai and understand their thinking.

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