■ Matcha tea experience with fresh confectionery

Matcha tea experience with fresh confectionery


Time required:120minmin


Minimum number of people:2


12 years old or older:4500yen

Matcha tea experience with fresh confectionery

time required: 120minmincapacity:5 [Minimum number of people:2 ]

time required: 120minmin

capacity:5人 [Minimum number of people:2 ]

In Matsue, with its long tea culture history, you can experience an authentic tea ceremony and try the creative confections made by a wagashi master.

Matsue’s history and culture are introduced in Matsue History Museum before heading to the tearoom, Kiharuan. Receive an explanation about the room and all things tea (like the utensils) before joining the ceremony. Relax and refresh yourself with the beverage and confections on offer. You can also check out the exhibits in Matsue History Museum! Renting a kimono is an option that is highly recommended!

Experience Schedule

start time: 9:30 / 13:30

Meet at Matsue History Museum and receive an explanation of the tearoom and ceremony. Help with the set up and after a final check and confirmation you’re ready to go!
The guide will give you a demonstration. Tea will be served.
Follow the instructions and serve the tea.
Enjoy the exhibitions at Matsue History Museum.

Important information

The meeting place:
Matsue History Museum

Price per person

■12 years old or older:



Rumiko Matsuura

This is the only place in Matsue that you can have a tea ceremony experience in an authentic tearoom.

You can also taste wagashi made by a contemporary master craftsman.

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