■ Coaster weaving

Coaster weaving


Time required:90minmin


Minimum number of people:2


12 years old or older:7900yen

Coaster weaving

time required: 90minmincapacity:6 [Minimum number of people:2 ]

time required: 90minmin

capacity:6人 [Minimum number of people:2 ]

You can enjoy plain weaving or a splashed pattern using the weaving loom to create your original craft piece. Beginners are welcome since it's not difficult at all!

It is said that the more mindfulness you have, the happier you become. You will feel the happiness seep through to your soul while you weave one thread through another. Devoting yourself into weaving leads you to calm your mind and soul just like Zen meditation or Yoga. Please come and join this mind calming coaster making. The experience will be unforgettable! * Weave two traditional coasters (11cm x 11cm) *Use a weaving loom to quickly make amazing designs *Use authentic Japanese threads *The warp is set up beforehand, so you can get going and be creative ++Choose your favorite colour! *Be engrossed by interweaving the many threads!

Experience Schedule

start time: 10:30/14:00

Explanation about the weaving loom and the process of the workshop
Choose your favorite colour thread for the weft and wind it around the shuttle
Weave the wefts one by one
Take the coaster from the weaving machine
Tie the ends of the coasters
Wrap up and finish

Important information

Price per person

■12 years old or older:

Some other wefts can be done using bamboo or lace. You have the option to set up the warp on the loom. The total duration with this added activity will be 150mins (contact us for details about the price).




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This weaving master took over the 60 year old family business in 1987.

She gained certification as an expert hand weaving instructor in 2002, and also as a felt instructor and hospitatlity coordinator. As a manager she honed her skills as a business person. Her motto is "love, knit, happiness" and she works bringing people who love hand crafts together.

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